The Project

The Government of Ontario requires all major redevelopment projects, including new hospitals, to follow a 3-stage process.

Our Redevelopment project (new hospital build) is currently at the end of Stage 1.2 of this process, Proposal Development.

In Stages 1.2 and 1.3, we detail everything that is required in the hospital for the next 30 years, from a programming and architectural perspective. This includes:

  • Detailing programs and services that will be required
  • The volumes of the programs and services
  • Number of beds required
  • Component space requirements (detailed listing of every room with associated area)
  • Completing architectural block schematics, locating services in the new building and redeveloped space and describing function and flow of users
  • Identifying the location of building on the site and describing the new construction, renovation, and demolition phasing plan
  • Engineering reports (i.e. traffic studies)