Brantford General Hospital
Emergency Department Renovation Improvement Project

Fast Facts:

Renovations began: September 2023

Estimated completion date: Early 2027

Total cost: $32,429,000

Contractor: Merit Contractors Niagara Ltd.

About Brantford General Hospital’s Emergency Department

Over the past decade, Brantford General Hospital (BGH) has experienced increased demand for emergency care. Currently, over 58,000 patients present at the Emergency Department (ED) annually to receive care. It is anticipated that these patient volumes will continue to grow to over 70,000 patient visits per year by 2030.

Renovations required

The hospital buildings, where the ED is located, are 64 and 56 years old. While there have been some renovations made over the last 30 years, the space is outdated and no longer meets the needs of our patients. The outdated space makes it difficult for our qualified health care professionals to do their jobs in providing the care patients need and deserve.

The ED remains open during the renovations.

Renovation details

As part of the renovation work now underway, 9,795 square feet will be added to the current space of 15,500 square feet, for a total of 25,295 square feet when completed.

The construction work includes:

  • new ED walk-in entrance,
  • renovated patient entry, waiting, triage, and registration,
  • development of a new See & Treat area,
  • relocation of level 1 public corridor,
  • new Indigenous family room,
  • new ED offices,
  • renovated staff support and lockers,
  • renovated extended stay area,
  • upgraded ambulance and EMS parking and drop-off areas, and,
  • provision of new mental health treatment areas.

Funding for the ED

While the Ontario Government is providing $28,376,900 toward the estimated project cost of $32,429,000 for the ED renovations, the local community is required to cover 10% of construction costs and the purchase of medical equipment and furnishings for the space.

The BCHS Foundation, to date, has raised $6.2 million toward the $8 million needed to make a renewed ED a reality for our community. Learn more here.