The Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) is pleased to share that construction on the Brantford General Hospital Emergency Department (ED) began on September 5, 2023.

This project, anticipated to last approximately 3 years, will take place in the current ED, including considerable works on the exterior of the facility adjacent to the EMS entry/exit and ED pedestrian exit off Terrace Hill Street. The scope for the project includes:

  • New walk-in entrance
  • Renovation of Patient entry, waiting, triage and registration
  • Development of a new See & Treat area
  • Relocation of Level 1 Public Corridor
  • New ED offices and Indigenous Healing Lodge
  • Renovated Staff support and lockers
  • Renovated Extended Stay area
  • And works related to the relocation of current occupants that will move to areas elsewhere in the facility.

The initial work beginning this month is anticipated to have minimal impact on hospital activities. We ask that all patients, visitors, or community members exercise extra caution and pay attention to all signs and construction barriers as they visit the hospital in the coming months. Our priority is to keep our patients, visitors, staff, and contractors safe during the construction period.

Further details will be shared as the project continues, including any potential impacts to operations, patient and visitor flow, and community.